What should the application include?

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A filled-out registration form (online form), including a half page motivation letter and a 2 page CV.

If you also want to apply for the fellowship (pay 50% less), please additionally send a motivation letter including why you should receive the fellowship. 

Who will receive a fellowship and how can I apply for a fellowship?

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There are a limited number of fellowships available for students, so they will be granted to the most promising students with financial needs. 

Therefore, please send us, together with your CV, the completed application form and a general letter of motivation why you want to participate in ASSET22, also a meaningful motivation letter why you should receive a scholarship.

What does the registration fee cover?

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The registration fee covers the lectures and courses, as well as entrance fees, food, transportation and accommodation during the field trips.

Food and accommodation outside the field-trips are not covered. 

What if the Summer School could not take place due to the pandemic situation?

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We hope that the pandemic situation will allow the Summer School to take place as planned. 
But we will monitor the situation and adapt to new developments if needed. In the worst case the school will be delayed (reimbursement is guaranteed).

Can a friend accompany me?

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Of course, a friend can accompany you at their own expenses. If they also want to participate at the Summer School, they are expected to also comply with the application process and pay the according tuition.